Meet the team behind the documentary



Production Company

Méltica Producciones is an emerging independent production company, based in Spain. It was born in 2019, and it is formed by Ángela Corredor and Sandra Costa, two filmmakers and producers. Now, they’re working on “Bald Women”, their first feature documentary about women affected by alopecia. We consider cinema and media as a reflection of society. We try to show unknown stories of real people. That is why our commitment with “Bald Women” goes far beyond personal. This is an issue that demands our outmost attention. These women deserve visibility, the death of old stereotypes, and reach freedom. This is why this documentary must be done.


Sandra Costa García


Filmmaker, she studied at Camilo José Cela University in Madrid and has a higher degree in direction and production professional training at the RTVE institute. As an independent filmmaker she has made several shorts films and short documentaries. She has worked in many spanish series, TV programmes and movies as assistant director and producer. Currently, she is co-founder of Méltica Producciones.


Beatriz Pàges

DP Cinematographer

Graduated in cinematography by ECAM. Always guided by her passion for cinema and her love of painting with light, since she graduated, she has developed her professional career first in the camera department and later as cinematograph, both in advertising, fiction and documentary in countries such as Taiwan, Chile, Spain and the Dominican Republic. In these years she has worked on fiction films such as “Torrente 5”, “Stockholm” or “True Memoirs of an international Assassin”. In documentary feature films, “Así crecen los enanos”, “El Proxeneta” or “El Refugio”, and in advertising spots for companies such as El Corte Inglés, Citroen or Beefeater.


Sandra Román

Director | Producer | Writer

Journalist and audiovisual communicator, she studied at University of Lleida and moved to Madrid to complete her career with a master’s degree in documentary and transmedia journalistic reporting from the University Carlos III of Madrid, where she has worked in several national media such as TVE, Antena3 and LaSexta as a journalist. The documentary short ‘Ubi sunt’, about the death of rural civilization, was her final master’s project. She believes that the documentary world as an added value at a time when noise and speed of information do not allow us to see any further.

Captura de pantalla 2020-03-25 a las 16.

Ángela Corredor Tamurejo


Filmmaker and audiovisual communicator, she studied a double degree at Camilo José Cela University in Madrid (UCJC) and Theatre Performance and In-Camera Performance at the Di Pace Studio. As a director/screenwriter she has directed and produced several short films and plays in theatrical format. In addition to her own projects, she has worked as an assistant director and producer in various series and television programs in spanish medias. Currently, she is co-founder of Méltica Producciones.