Being a bald woman is one of the greatest taboos from our society. This documentary will show the lives and experiences of women who have alopecia and how they fight for the visibility and acceptance of their bodies. An ode to beauty that shows that femininity goes far beyond hair in a society where we, women, are enslaved by our looks. 


Bald women’s freedom will be an example to us all.


1 . VISIBILITY and ACCEPTANCE for female baldness


2. CONDEMN SOCIAL STIGMA and EXCLUSION thrown upon bald women

3. SUPPORT and INFORM about female baldness

4. Claim the right to a STEREOTYPE - FREE image for women

5. Show the DISHONESTY from some doctors and how they MISINFORM their practice

6. Fight for EQUALITY between women and men

Bald women will tell the lives of women with alopecia (androgenic, areata, universalis,…) and will show us their daily lives, jobs and habits. We want to write a sensitive and respectful tale about their hair loss. Only bald women’s voices will narrate, without the testimonies of friends, families or doctors. Our goal is not to write about alopecia but about the distinctive way in which it affects women.